CBD: What's the right amount?

CBD: What's the right amount?

Dec 20, 2019Sandra McFarland

There are so many questions swirling around the internet about CBD, and we get some version of this question a lot. So don’t worry if you’re not sure how to answer the question, “What is the right CBD serving size for me?” You are not alone.

I want to tackle this tough and confusing topic to clear the air and to give you some confidence as you begin your journey with CBD.  Based on my experience, here are some good principles to follow:

  1. Finding the right serving size is a process. Since CBD is a supplement that specifically supports the health of your endocannabinoid system – the optimal amount for you is essentially based upon things you can’t see. Because of this, finding the ‘right’ daily serving is more of a journey than a destination, and requires patience, consistency and a little tenacity.
  2. Know your objective. Before you begin taking CBD, answer the question: “Why am I taking CBD?” Be sure you are clear on the answer to this simple question, so you’ll be able to evaluate how the amount you’re taking is working for you. 

This may seem silly, but many people start using CBD because their friends recommended it, or because they read about it in the news - but aren’t always clear about WHY they are using it. Before you begin - be clear about you are choosing CBD, and then you’ll be able to evaluate how it’s working for you.

  1. Start low and slow. While I’m a firm believer in not starting too low, starting with a moderate dose to begin with is sensible. I consider a serving size of 15-25mg of CBD as “moderate”. Try this and see how your body responds. Stick with that dose for a couple days, evaluate how it’s working based on your objective. If this serving size  helps you achieve your objective - you’re done. If not, you can increase your serving incrementally over the next several days and weeks until you achieve the results you’re looking for.
  2. Invite others into the conversation. As you begin using CBD, talk with a close friend or a family member about what you’re experiencing or what they observe. Asking for help, and inviting other people into your process is an opportunity that is often missed. Inviting others, especially those who know you well into your process can be important. Tell them about your objective and your experience. Ask them for feedback and invite them to ask you questions. (The insight and encouragement that you receive from them may surprise you.)
  3. Stick with it. CBD is best when used consistently over time. As you embark on the journey to find the right dose for you – remember the importance of patience, consistency, and tenacity. Continue to evaluate how the serving you’re taking is helping you. Try keeping a journal. And when you find the right amount, commit to using it consistently for a period of time.

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