Welcome To 180 Pure

We began our company with a desire to bring the finest CBD products to our community. Super-simple. Much of our business is face to face with people in a retail brick-and-mortar store. So, when you’re eyeball to eyeball with people, hearing their stories, challenges, and pain – your heart just breaks wide open - and accountability to have authentically fantastic products goes way up. People matter. And the solutions we offer matter too. So we went on a mission to source, curate and formulate a lineup of CBD & wellness products that were best in class.

But that’s not enough. Because just having great products doesn’t determine success. Figuring out the right product, format and serving size for each person – is an art. Every body is different. Your body and my body are different, our metabolisms, our endocannabinoid systems, where receptors reside in our bodies are all different.

At 180 Pure, our team partners with you to figure out the right product, format and serving size that will best address what you’re solving for. Having the personalized and experienced support of our team – is everything.

Premium products plus personalized support is the path to help your body do a 180° and get back to balance.

XO - Sandra & Team


#1 Plant Based Wellness

#2 Quality Ingredients

#3 Personalized Service

#4 Honest Business Practice


In a growing industry full of misinformation and businesses trying to capitalize on the latest trend, 180 Pure was built for something different. We saw how quality wellness products combined with personalized service can change lives for the better, so we’ve been devoted ourselves to doing it right from the start.

Why Choose Our Products?

At 180 Pure, we pride ourselves on providing you with the absolute best. That means all our products are made with only the finest quality ingredients, including THC free CBD sourced from American grown hemp. We are involved in every step of the process from concept to seed to sale. (Not simply a white-label product) This is how we can stand behind our products.


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