How to find Balance

How to find Balance

Jul 20, 2023Sandra McFarland

How to Find Your Balance

The ideal of living a ‘balanced life’ is likely at the top of your personal growth goals,
but at times simply not reality. Every day is filled with ups and downs, every week has things
that go as planned, but also contain the unexpected. How we handle life as it comes, with
stress, and change, and goodness and hardship – is the testament to living our best life. Finding
a sense of balance in the face of what every day brings, is the work of every person longing to
live with contentment and peace. The sense of balance is a personal journey that starts with
the desire to improve your commitment to yourself. Motivating yourself to start begins with
choosing a positive path. Here are some helpful tips on the journey to balance:


Self-assessment is such a good, and often overlooked discipline to reduce stress. Spending time
reflecting on everything that has occurred in the day can be so valuable. It can bring
perspective. It can refocus on the good. It can allow you to not dwell on the one thing you got
wrong, and remember all the other moments that went right! A basic tool used in
self-reflection is meditation.

To begin the meditation process, find a place with no distractions, so you will be able to free
your mind without getting interrupted. Setting aside the time that you need to do this correctly
is critical to completing the process. To help set the tone, you can light lavender or peppermint
candles or essential oils. Studies have shown that using these particular scents helps promote
relaxation within the body. Begin to focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly. Arrange
your thoughts as they start to enter and exit your mind. Don’t judge yourself! Stay positive, and
be kind to yourself – even with disappointments and failings. Dismiss the small, unimportant
thoughts as they enter your mind and stay centered. Balance the reality of failure by accepting
the appropriate amount of responsibility when things go wrong. Continue to focus on your
breathing throughout your meditation and slowly write down your thoughts as you conclude
your self-reflection.

Self Development

After the process of meditation, assess and use what you’ve learned. The developmental
process can help you arrange the thoughts and ideas that were written down, and help create
organization. During this process, you can write down your new goals for the week or month,
and the steps you will take to achieve your goals. Or, you can simply do a brain-dump of all the
random things bouncing around in your mind. When you release the chaos in your mind, it can
free you. With practice and patience you can move forward.

Practice Patience and Have Fun

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