How to get the most out of CBD

How to get the most out of CBD

Sep 07, 2023Sandra McFarland

When it comes to getting the most benefits out of CBD, a few things are KEY to your success.

  1. Find the best product out there! Of course, we love 180 PURE - but no matter what CBD brand you use, we always recommend you use products that are the following: THC-Free, Broad Spectrum, Grown in USA, Made in USA, and Third-Party tested. 
  2. Begin with the right serving.
  3. Identify what you're solving for, and mark your progress.
  4. Give it 30-60 days of CONSISTENT use.
  5. Invite others to help in your CBD journey if you're not finding the results you're looking for.

Two of the components listed here often get overlooked, so they're worth mentioning again. CBD is best when used consistently over time. Be persistent, be patient - and certainly ask for help if you need it. One of our FAVORITE things to do is help our 180 Pure customers with their CBD questions. So please let us know how we can serve you.

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